Easttown Citizens Advisory Committee (ECAC)


  • 6:15 pm
  • 2nd Monday of every month
  • Township Building


Name Term Expires
Tom McGurk, Chair 2021
Buck Buchanan  2021
Kristan Burgess 2020
Palmer Dalesandro 2021
Ronald Mintz 2020
Peter Motel 2021
Alessandra Nicolas
David O'Brian 2020
Hal Ward 2021


The Board of Supervisors has the authority to create advisory bodies from time to time to aid in it in the execution of its corporate powers and has determined the need to engage various skills and capabilities of the Township citizenry to advise it on the best approaches and practices in addressing current and future needs.

The Easttown Citizens Advisory Committee (ECAC) is comprised of 5 to 9 members, serving 2 year terms, who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors because they possess skills, including, but not limited to: accounting, human resources and benefits, information technology, insurance, risk management, labor relations, management, and procurement.