Municipal Authority


  • 7 pm
  • 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • Virtual
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Name Term Expires
Douglas H. Burnett, Chair 2023
W. Todd Pohlig, Vice Chair 2024
A. John May III, Treasurer 2025
Kim A. Reynolds, Secretary 2025
Martin J. Cappelletti 2022
Kevin McCauley
C. Richard Morsbach
Members are appointed to a 5 year term.


The Easttown Municipal Authority is responsible for planning and constructing the sewer system and was formed under the Board of Supervisors. The Authority, however, is a separate, legal corporation. It finances sewer construction by floating bonds and then leases the sewers to the Township, which is responsible for sewer system operation. Township fees charged to user of the sewer pay for both operation and lease expenses. The Authority uses its funds to play of bonds.

Municipal Authority Administrator

Donald Curley, Public Works Director