Sanitary Sewer

Easttown Township provides a collection of sanitary sewage from residents and businesses via gravity flow into thirteen separate pumping stations located throughout the Township. Much of the waste is pumped 2 and, in some cases, 3 times before it leaves the Township. These pump stations force the wastewater into the adjacent force and gravity mains of Tredyffrin Township, which conveys the sewage for treatment to either the Valley Forge Sewer Authority (Phoenixville) or Trout Run (Upper Merion).

Important Applications & Forms

Reducing Costs

It is important to note that Easttown Township pays "by the gallon" for conveyance and treatment of the wastewater once it leaves the Township. The Township pays for the operation, maintenance and capital improvements to the complex system of gravity lines, force mains, and pump stations that comprise the sanitary sewer system. These costs are reflected on your quarterly sewer bills.

Residents & Businesses Can Help Reduce Costs in Several Ways

  • Making sure sump pumps and storm drains are not connected to the sanitary sewer.
  • Keep clean outs are at least 6 inches above the ground and cupped.
  • Keeping service connections (laterals) in good shape.

Unauthorized connections to the sewer system not only increase costs, but they are also illegal. Please be a good neighbor and help us continue providing this important service as cost effectively as possible.