Building & Construction

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**Applications submitted online through the Permit Portal will add you to the queue faster.  However, submitting a physical application and plans is still required.


A Building Permit is required for all new construction, alterations and demolition within the township, including porches, patios, decks, swimming pools, and sheds. Prior to starting any work, the homeowner must obtain the appropriate permits and forms from the township for the proposed project.  Please also note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to become familiar and comply with all Township Ordinances, including but not limited to the Zoning Ordinance, the Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance, the Natural Resources Protection Ordinance and the Stormwater Management Ordinance. 

All permits listed above require the following attachments for every contractor/subcontractor:

  • Current Certificate of Insurance (COI):  
    Must list Easttown Township as the Certificate Holder, and 
    Must list Liability Insurance
    Show Workers' Compensation Insurance - if exempt, Affidavit must be fully-executed and attached
  • Current PA Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) License
    In lieu of an HIC License, all contractors (commercial and residential) must register with the Township.  Contractor Registration Form  




  • Floodplain Permit Application
    As of September 29, 2017, Floodplain Permits, in addition to other applicable Township Permits, are required prior to any construction or development being undertaken within a floodplain. For background, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) updated its Floodplain Maps and required Easttown, as well as all municipalities, to update its floodplain regulations to comply with its new Floodplain Maps and to meet the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) new minimum floodplain requirements. Using the statewide floodplain ordinance model provided by the Commonwealth, Easttown adopted Ordinance 428-17 on May 15, 2017. By adopting this Ordinance, it allows the NFIP to continue making flood insurance available to Easttown residents. To check to see if your proposed project falls within a floodplain, please visit or  For questions regarding Ordinance 428-17 and/or the Floodplain Permit Application,  please contact Eugene Briggs, Zoning Officer, by telephone at 610.687.3000 ext. 109 or via email.
  • Road Occupancy Application 
  • Engineering Sewer Permit Application
  • Building Appeals Application 



Additions & New Construction

The erection of a new structure (including a swimming pool, residential structure, commercial structure, accessory structure, etc.) requires a Zoning Permit, a Drainage Permit, a Building Permit, and a Certificate of Occupancy. The Building Permit Application will not be accepted until the Zoning Permit and the Drainage Permit have been approved.


The construction of a deck requires a Zoning Permit, a Building Permit and a Certificate of Occupancy. The Building Permit will not be accepted until the Zoning Permit has been approved.


The demolition of an existing structure requires a Zoning Permit and a Building Permit. The Building Permit application will not be accepted until the Zoning Permit has been approved. 


The construction of a patio requires a Zoning Permit and a Drainage Permit. In some cases, a Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy may also be required. Please contact the Building Code Official to determine whether a Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy are required. The Building Permit Application, if required, will not be accepted until the Zoning Permit and Drainage Permits have been approved.


Roof replacement requires a Re-Roofing Permit.