Traffic Safety Officer

Easttown Police

Officer Brian Boyd is strictly assigned as a Traffic Safety Officer, 5 days per week.  In this role, he is responsible for ensuring that traffic safety on the township roadways is maintained for a safer driving community.

These duties include:

•    Investigating all traffic accidents, traffic complaints, and traffic surveys

•    Enforcing parking control ordinances with regards to restricted parking zones for defined areas of Easttown Twp.

•    Identifying abandoned vehicles, vehicles with multiple citations, and vehicles with expired registration/other violations

•    Answering public inquiries and advising on ordinance infractions

•    Enforcing traffic control at collisions, fires, crime scenes, and special events

•    Maintaining daily records of activities; including number of citations issued, radio calls, and patrol times

By handling all of Easttown Township’s traffic issues, Officer Boyd increases community awareness of potentially problematic commuter areas and reduces the economic impact of road traffic crashes. 

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Phone Ext.: 515

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