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ZHB 602 – Tregarick Partners, LLC / Ted Babiy – 422 Waterloo Road and 205 Exeter Roads Meeting Date
The Applicant is proposing a subdivision and land development on the above-referenced properties which includes an area adjacent to Waterloo Road that has been determined to be a defined watercourse. Variances are requested (to the extent required) from Section 455-31.C (which incorporates by reference Chapter 274 of the Easttown Township Code (the Easttown Township Natural Resource Protection Ordinance)); and more particularly from: (i) Code section 274-18, to not impose a riparian buffer zone around the defined watercourse, where a 50-foot riparian buffer zone is required; (ii) Code section 274-19 to allow alteration, disturbance, regrading and/or improvement within the Riparian Buffer Zone, and (iii) any other relief that may be deemed necessary by the Zoning Hearing Board. Alternatively, Applicant also contends that the area in question is manmade and should not be considered a watercourse for purposes of the Easttown Township Natural Features Ordinance, and that no Riparian Buffer is required adjacent to said area. August 12, 2020
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ZHB 606 - McEvoy - 1117 Milbrook Road
Meeting Date
The Applicant seeks a variance from Section 455-14.F to permit the construction of a 460 square foot patio and additional sidewalk which will increase the impervious surface from 15.42% to 19.76% where the maximum allowable impervious surface is 18.5%; and any other relief that may be deemed necessary by the Zoning Hearing Board.
October 7, 2020