Street Tree Planting Program

Starting this year, Easttown is beginning an ongoing, long-term street tree planting program.  The Township's 2023 budget includes funds the installation of 20 native street trees within a portion of the Old Berwyn residential neighborhood.  The initially planned target areas will be primarily on Berwyn Avenue and the west side of Bridge Street, possibly extending to portions of First Avenue and Waterloo Avenue.  Site selection should be completed by early summer; the target planting time is fall 2023.  Other nearby areas not included for this year's tree planting may be selected during a future year.

Participation in the program is entirely voluntary.  The trees will be native species, each chosen to fit its site's particular circumstances (i.e. upright vs. broad spreading, need to fit under overhead wires, etc.)  The Township plans to select roughly two-inch caliper trees, and will accept full responsibility for tree planting.  The property owner will become owner of the tree, and will be expected to provide maintenance (mostly watering).

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please fill out the form below, and Township Staff will contact you with more information.

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Street Tree Planting Program

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